CNC Machining

CNC machining is short for Computer Numerical Control machining which is an important processing method for modern industries. As an excellent CNC machining company in China, HQ provides various custom CNC machining parts and CNC precision machining services for customer's worldwide.


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CNC Machining Types

CNC Machining Processes

After we receive the drawings and samples, HQ staff will follow the procedure below to ensure the customer successfully get the products they ordered.

  • Drawings or measure samples 

  • Evaluation by the technical team

  • Decide manufacturing process

  • Confirm with customer

  • Start prototyping or mass production

  • Monitoring and update progress

  • Finished products inspection 

  • Shipment

Three Tips For Choosing the Right CNC Machine


Select CNC machine according to processing requirements


In the selection of reliable CNC machine tools, first of all, we must clarify the processing requirements, the specifications and shapes of different parts vary greatly. The general shape of the parts can be divided into plate type, box rhombus type, flange shaft type, heteromorphic type, etc. In general, choosing the main processing object based on production requirements.


Select CNC machine according to processing technique


CNC machine tools are divided into rough and finishing machining. After determining the processing parts to be machined, the process for the parts must also be planned. In the selection of CNC machine tools to play its process adaptability, the use of CNC machine tools to maximize the comprehensive processing capabilities to ensure the minimum number of CNC machines and machining parts are used in the entire production process to maximize the variety of parts produced.


With the continuous updating and progress of CNC machine tools, there are various types of CNC machine tools. When choosing CNC machine tools, we should be as simple as possible on the basis of meeting the requirements of part processing, for instance, CNC machine tools and turning centers can both process shaft parts, but the cost of CNC machine tools is much lower than turning centers, if there is no more accurate process needs, the choice of CNC machine tools will be more reliable.


Select CNC machine according to accuracy level


The accuracy level of CNC machine tools determines the precision of the produced parts. CNC machine tools can be divided into simple type, full-featured type and precision type according to their machining accuracy, mainly by the single-axis repeat positioning accuracy, single-axis positioning accuracy and milling circle accuracy, which are three indicators to confirm the accuracy. Simple CNC machine tools have a motion resolution of 0.01mm, while precision CNC machine tools have an accuracy of 0.001mm or less.

CNC Machine Working Principle

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory tools and machinery.


How does CNC machine works?


When the CNC system is activated, the required machining dimensions are programmed into the software and assigned to the corresponding tools and machines, which perform the specified dimensional tasks, just like a robot.


In CNC programming, the code generator in a digital system typically assumes that the mechanism is flawless, although the possibility of error exists, and this possibility is even greater when the CNC machine is instructed to cut in multiple directions simultaneously. The placement of tools in a CNC system is outlined by a series of inputs called part programs.


With a CNC machine, the program is entered through a punch card. In contrast, programs for CNC machines are entered into the computer via a small keyboard. CNC programming is retained in the computer's memory. The code itself is written and edited by the programmer. As a result, CNC systems offer a much wider range of computing power. Most importantly, the CNC system is never static, as updated cues can be added to the pre-existing program by modifying the code.


Determination of CNC machining route


In the CNC machining, the machining route is generally determined by the following principles:


1. It shall be able to guarantee the accuracy and surface roughness of the machined workpiece.

2. Minimize machining route, reduce empty travel time and improve machining efficiency.

3. Minimize the workload of numerical calculations and simplify processing procedures.

4. For some of those reused programs, subroutines should be used.

CNC Material List

  • Stainless Steel

  • Aluminium

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Steel alloy

  • Titanium Alloy

  • Nylon

  • Others

CNC Solutions

  • As machined (standard)

  • Bead blasting

  • Polishing

  • Heat treating

  • Anodizing

  • Brushing

  • Passivating


  • Painting

  • Engraving

  • Burnt

CNC Machining FAQs

  • Q. Do I need to provide the drawings of products ?

    Yes, with drawings our engineering team could understand the CNC made products better and calculate the CNC prototyping cost more accurately. However, we also accept samples for measuring and redesigning. Please contact us for more details.

  • Q. Is small lot accepted ?

    Yes, as a CNC machining factory in China, HQ not only cooperates with large enterprises but also is happy to help small business and DIY enthusiasts. Please contact us with the details of oem CNC machining parts for the minimum order numbers.

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