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Applications of Stainless Steel Castings

For metal castings that require corrosion resistance and high strength, especially in harsh environments, stainless steel castings are an ideal choice. Stainless steel has extremely high heat resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, so these features of stainless steel castings can also be applied to marine applications. So where are stainless steel castings generally used?

Stainless steel castings are used in food machinery

Stainless steel is the most widely used material in food machinery. Due to its rust-proof ability, almost all food processing equipment is made of stainless steel. There are several processing methods that can produce these stainless steel parts, such as casting, forging, welding, and sheet metal processing. Among them, investment casting is the most flexible manufacturing process for producing complex shaped parts for food processing machinery, so stainless steel castings are widely used in the food machinery industry. Typical stainless steel cast food machinery parts include food reactors, storage equipment, metal grinding machine parts, and coffee machine parts.

Stainless steel castings are used in fluid equipment components

Stainless steel casting is the most widely used technology for valve and pump components. Due to their complex design, stainless steel castings can produce any complex shape. The valve and pump components made of stainless steel castings are durable and can be used in harsh service applications. Stainless steel casting is an economical and efficient way and also a popular choice for pump and valve applications. Stainless steel casting valve and pump components are the most exported products in recent years, including valve bodies, pump impellers, valve discs, valve covers, pump bodies, and valve covers. In addition, the application of stainless steel castings can also be used in sculpture parts, bathroom and toilet accessories, doors, and windows, etc.

Stainless steel castings are used in medical equipment

Stainless steel castings can produce a wide range of parts for medical equipment manufacturers. Medical equipment has strict tolerances and dimensional accuracy, and our casting and CNC machining can meet these requirements. We use more grades of stainless steel materials, including stainless steel 304(L), stainless steel 316(L), etc., to create custom medical components. Stainless steel castings for medical OEMs include dental and surgical instruments, operating tables, other operating room equipment, MRI machines, implantable components, X-ray equipment, stretchers, wheelchairs, etc. In order to better serve our customers, we have strict quality management systems from design to quality control.

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