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The Method of Controlling the Quality of Steel Casting Parts and Its Rust Prevention Skills

Ⅰ. How can steel casting manufacturers control the quality of their products?

With the current economic development, the competition among steel casting manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce. It is also because of the increasing number of manufacturers that each enterprise should pay more attention to the quality of its own castings.

Only in this way can we continuously improve our competitiveness in the same industry. So how should steel casting manufacturers control the quality of their products and win the trust of users?

1. Casting process: Generally, steel casting manufacturers choose appropriate core making and molding methods according to the structure, size, required conditions and weight of the casting, and also set up cold iron, riser and gating system according to these conditions. etc., or cast ribs.

2. Design process: General manufacturers will have a custom model based on drawings. When the steel casting manufacturer receives the drawings, the technicians will determine the shape and size of the product according to its working conditions and materials.

In addition, we also need to consider the rationality of the design from the aspect of casting process characteristics, which can also effectively avoid casting defects.

3. Process operation: When the design process and casting process are determined, the steel casting processing operation is required. During processing, the production staff must operate in strict accordance with the formulated and reasonable process regulations. At the same time, we must also improve workers. The technical level to ensure that the process can be implemented normally.

4. The premise of all these processes depends on the quality of the raw materials. If the quality of the selected raw materials does not meet the standard, it will easily cause defects such as pinholes, slag inclusions, pores and sticky sand in the castings, which will also directly lead to the castings. The appearance quality and internal quality are not up to standard, and in serious cases, the steel casting parts will be directly scrapped.

Ⅱ. What are the precautions for the rust prevention of steel casting parts?

Due to the particularity of the manufacturing process of steel casting parts, the surface of the castings is easy to rust, and it is difficult to handle after rusting.

In this regard, many enterprises put forward higher corrosion resistance requirements for steel casting parts, and at the same time, according to different working conditions of steel casting parts, they require blackening at room temperature, phosphating treatment and other special anti-rust treatments for steel casting parts.

The rust prevention of steel casting parts usually uses water agent rust prevention or oil rust prevention. No matter which method is used to prevent rust, the castings must be washed in advance to remove the dirt on the surface and promote the formation of a passive film.

The composition, temperature and use of the scrubbing fluid should be dried with hot, dry compressed air after the casting is scrubbed, and then the anti-rust treatment should be carried out.

The corrosion or discoloration of metals or alloys in the atmosphere due to oxygen, moisture, acid, salt and humid air is called rust or rust, which can turn a metal surface with high strength into a compound with very low strength. Therefore, investment casting steel parts often need to be rust-proofed in the middle of the process.

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