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Which Industries Are CNC Turning Used In?

Precision CNC turned parts range from simple screws to the most complex equipment components, a large number of CNC machined parts can be used in instruments in many fields, such as screws, shafts, probes, pins, etc. Every industry needs these precision machined components to aid in instrument manufacturing and operation. Which industries are CNC turning usually used in? Which CNC-turned parts are used in multiple industries?

1. Application of CNC turning in the aerospace field

The aerospace industry is one of the most common CNC turning applications, and aircraft fuselages, engines and other parts cannot travel safely without machined parts. For example, the precision 4/5 axis capability enables the machining of harder materials in industries such as aerospace. CNC aerospace parts cover shafts, probes, eccentric hollow shafts, joint connectors, fasteners and other custom options.

2. CNC turning application in the automotive industry

Whether for civilian or military vehicles, CNC Turning Applications offers CNC lathe service parts in a variety of sizes and specifications, providing quick solutions to meet the enormous demands of the automotive industry and other vehicles. Throttle control shaft, low-pass filter shaft, hydraulic valve, valve housing, sensor housing, temperature sensor housing, pressure sensor housing, pipe joint, sensor metal housing and other CNC auto parts are all here.

3. CNC turning application in the electronic product industry

Electronic products are an important industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Countless precision components of some electronic devices must work with high consistency and reliability every time, such as computers. The complex hardware of electronic products includes rows of metal slats, panels, etc., all of which reflect the details of CNC turning process. The range of CNC electronic parts includes: earphone housings, aluminum tubes for tattoos and e-cigarettes, nozzles for hookahs, contact pins, conductive pins, pivot pins, probes, bushings, test tools and many other CNC electronics accessories.

CNC turning is also used in the mechanical industry, and all machine parts need to meet certain technical specifications to ensure that they are properly used for manufacturing. Custom CNC mechanical parts can make your machinery or equipment more competitive in the market, the main mechanical parts include fasteners, motor shafts, empty metal tubes, conductive pins, connector joints, bushings, pneumatic joints, hydraulic joints, Hose fittings, pipe fittings, screws (rivets, bolts, nuts), eccentric (hollow) shafts, etc. As a leading CNC machining parts manufacturer in China, HQ provides various custom CNC precision machining services and CNC machining parts and  for customer's worldwide. Whether you are looking for small or large-scale production, we have the capabilities to fulfill your requirements. Contact us today and enhance the competitiveness of your machinery and equipment in the market.

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