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Production and Applications of Titanium Sheets

How is titanium sheet produced?

titanium sheet belongs to the 2nd level of titanium production. 2nd level titanium has many qualities similar to 1st level titanium, making it the preferred product in the commercial field. Compared with 1st level titanium, 2nd level titanium not only has a wider range of uses, but also slightly higher strength. In addition to its formability and ease of welding, it has become the preferred material for most industries.

Titanium is extracted from ores such as ilmenite and titanium iron. titanium sheet goes through six stages of production. The titanium needed for its production must be extracted, then purified to eliminate any impurities. Then, a solid called sponge must be extracted. Sponge can be used to make alloys. Finally, the sheets required for forming and shaping are formed.

Characteristics of titanium sheet

The surface oxide film of titanium sheet is equivalent to a good and durable release agent. Using titanium sheet saves the release agent, makes the depolarizer easy to peel, and eliminates the pre-treatment process of titanium sheet. titanium sheet is half as light as copper plate. The service life of titanium sheet is more than 3 times that of copper plate. Depending on the operating conditions, it can reach 10 to 20 years. Since titanium sheet does not require a release agent to be applied, it can avoid the pollution of copper electrolyte. The crystalline structure of electrolytic copper produced using titanium sheets is dense and the surface is flat and smooth, which is of excellent quality. Improving production capacity and reducing the production cost of electrolytic copper has good economic benefits.

What are the uses of titanium sheet?

Although titanium sheet is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries, there are many other places where it can be used. These include: titanium sheets can be used on laptops to form shiny and lightweight bodies. Many laptops are made using this material. titanium sheets can be used in the construction industry to create beautiful structures. Thanks to this product, many museums and skyscrapers look beautiful. Don't let its optical properties deceive you. titanium sheets can be comfortably used to make armor. This is attributed to its excellent ballistic performance. When producing armor, vests, tanks and other armor items, this sheet can be easily manipulated.

Last but equally important, titanium sheets can be used in many processing plants. titanium sheets can be used in oil extraction plants, geothermal power plants and chemical processing plants. This sheet can also be used as a liner for water tanks used in plants. In addition to the above applications, titanium sheets have found their way into many other applications and industries.

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