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Casting Technology of Aluminium Castings

1. What are the casting technologies for aluminium castings?

The aluminium castings refer to equipment and devices cast from pure aluminium or aluminium alloys. Generally, the aluminium or aluminium alloy heated to the liquid state is poured into the cavity through a sand mold or a metal mold. aluminium parts or aluminium alloy parts of various shapes and sizes are usually called aluminium die castings.

The complex aluminium casting is based on the electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting technology as the core, coupled with the combination of some technologies and the core technology of the manufacturing industry, which forms a modern casting technology for producing high-quality aluminium castings. The electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting molten metal transmission system has stable flow and convenient flow control, which can effectively alleviate the backflow of molten alumina and ensure process automation. It can not only improve the casting efficiency of products, but also improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity, and realize a production mode that combines automation and modernization.

The purification of aluminium castings is an important part of aluminium smelting and composite purification facilities. Besides there are gas injection, rotating foam ceramic filters and high degassing performance, as well as performance of metal inclusions.

In addition, the aluminium casting adopts a new long-life lining material, and the custom aluminium casting has an independent thermal insulation and heating system, which can be used for large-scale continuous production and mass production.

The technology has the advantages of high purification efficiency, long service life, low cost, good effect, convenient installation and flexible use.

2. Manufacturers will inevitably encounter some quality problems when producing aluminium castings

(1) Smelting and melting of aluminium liquid;

(2) Whether the aluminium melting equipment can smoothly transition the process of metal melting liquid, etc.;

(3) The structure of the casting and the stable mold, the processing process of the sand core, etc.;

From the core processing process, we can intuitively see how the quality and output of castings will be affected. Manufacturers can take corresponding solutions and measures for these problems to ensure that the products have good performance, perfect appearance and internal quality.

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