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The Relationship Between the Quality of Copper Castings and the Mold and Its Storage Requirements

1. What is the relationship between the quality of copper castings and the mold?

(1) Because of the unreasonable structural design of the mold or improper data selection, the produced copper castings will have deformation and other conditions in the use, resulting in unqualified products.

(2) The shape of the copper castings is inconsistent, and the mold parts are also in a mass, which will make the mold processing difficult and the processing accuracy is not high. If the mold parts adopt the method of combined processing, it is easy to obtain high processing accuracy and thus high-quality copper castings.

(3) Improper mold temperature will not only affect the surface quality of copper castings, but also affect the accuracy of casting dimensions and even lead to deformation of the castings, causing cracks in the die-casting mold to form mesh burrs that are difficult to remove on the surface of the castings, affecting the appearance quality.

(4) To determine the number of cavities, it is necessary to consider the equipment capacity, the difficulty of mold processing, the size of the production batch, and the accuracy requirements of castings.

(5) The mold should be equipped with overflow grooves and exhaust channels that meet the overflow scale, which is very important to ensure the quality of copper castings.

(6) When the size of die-casting parts is calculated, the reduction rate of die-casting materials should be in line with practice, otherwise the copper casting products produced will be unqualified.

(7) The pouring system is not only a channel for liquid metal to fill the die-casting mold, but also has a regulating effect on the flow rate and the transfer of pressure of the molten liquid, the exhaust conditions, and the thermal stability of the die-casting mold.

2. What are the precautions for storing copper castings?

(1) If the raw alloy ingots of cast zinc alloy products are damp, they should be dried before adding to avoid injury or damage to equipment during melting.

(2) When storing copper casting, it needs to be placed in a ventilated, dry, and non-corrosive storage environment; prevent it getting wet because of rainwater.

(3) Copper castings must not come into contact with other chemical elements. When the copper casting products come into contact with other chemical elements, the chemical elements will chemically react with the zinc alloy copper castings, causing damage to the copper casting products;

(4) Zinc is an active metal. When the temperature reaches the condition, it is easy to be oxidized when contacted. Therefore, when we store zinc alloy copper casting products, we should pay attention to the temperature and avoid direct sunlight;

(5) Each copper casting has its own shape. When placing zinc alloy copper casting products, it is better to customize a special blister tray according to the shape of each copper casting product.

This ensures that the copper casting is placed in a specific location, thus ensuring that the copper casting is intact and no other changes will occur.

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