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The Common Application of Steel Castings in Industry

Almost all industrial sectors need steel castings, and they are widely used in ships and vehicles, construction machinery, engineering machinery, power station equipment, mining machinery and metallurgical equipment, aviation and aerospace equipment, oil wells and chemical equipment.

As for the application of steel castings in various industrial sectors, due to the different specific conditions of using steel castings in different countries, the situation may be quite different.

There are many kinds of steel castings, too many to enumerate. In order to give them a general understanding of many uses, a brief introduction to the use of steel castings in several major industrial sectors is made.

1. Steel castings for power station equipment

Power station equipment is a high-tech product, and its main components are continuously running for a long time under high load. Many components in thermal power station and nuclear power station equipment also need to withstand the corrosion of high temperature and high pressure steam.

Therefore, there are very strict requirements for the reliability of components. Steel castings can meet these requirements to the greatest extent, and steel castings are widely used in power station equipment.

2. Steel castings for railway locomotives and vehicles

Railway transportation is closely related to the safety of people's life and property. Therefore, some key components of locomotives, such as wheels, side frames, bolsters, couplers, etc., are traditional cast steel products.

The switch used for railway switches is a component that bears strong impact and friction. The working conditions are extremely harsh and the shape is very complex. At present, industries all over the world use high manganese steel castings.

3. Steel castings for construction, engineering machinery and other vehicles

The working conditions of construction machinery and construction machinery are very poor, most of the steel casting parts are subject to high loads or need to withstand impact wear, a large part of which are cast steel parts, such as driving wheels in action systems, load-bearing wheels, rocker arms, track shoes, etc.

The buckets and bucket teeth of excavators are also traditional high-manganese steel castings. Generally, steel castings are rarely used in automobiles, but there are also many steel castings used in the action parts of special off-road vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. The rear axle shell of heavy-duty trucks is Steel casting products.

Crawler tractors and armored vehicles also use a large number of steel castings, such as: driving wheels, load-bearing wheels, driven wheels and track shoes are products that use steel castings.

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