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What Are the Applications of Seamless Titanium Pipes?

Learn about seamless titanium pipes

The application of titanium pipes is increasing because stainless steel and other materials are simply inadequate in many situations. Tubing is a common titanium rolling mill product that is used in a range of products due to its superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. Seamless titanium pipes are made using an extrusion process, while welded titanium pipes are made by welding coil plate. Typically, the thickness and diameter of seamless titanium pipes are relatively small. So, what are the common uses for seamless titanium pipes?

Applications of seamless titanium pipes

Military seamless titanium pipes. For typhoon-class nuclear submarines, titanium seamless tubes are widely used in the military industry. Titanium pipes are used extensively in nuclear-powered submarines, hydrofoils, mortar pipes, anti-tank missiles, missile launchers, tank shields, and bulletproof vests. It is understood that the amount of titanium pipe used is as high as 9,000 tons, indicating the huge demand for titanium pipes in the military industry.

Applications of seamless titanium pipes in the aviation and aerospace industries. The amount of titanium pipes used in civil aircraft accounts for about 20% to 25% of the framework weight. In addition, a large number of titanium pipes are also used in strategic rocket engines, spacecraft (such as Shenzhou V and Shenzhou VI), and satellite antennas. Titanium pipes are widely used in the aviation industry.

Applications of seamless titanium pipes in the shipbuilding industry. seamless titanium pipes have corrosion resistance that other metal materials cannot match, especially in seawater, where they can withstand high-speed corrosion. Currently, the United States, Japan, France, and other countries have developed a variety of advanced titanium control deep-sea submersibles, submarines, and submersible laboratory equipment for ocean research. In addition, titanium control equipment and devices are widely used in coastal power plants, offshore oil production equipment, seawater desalination, production of marine chemicals, and marine aquaculture.

Applications of seamless titanium pipes in the chemical industry. The variety of equipment has developed from small and single to large and diverse. According to chemical industry projections, the application of seamless titanium pipe equipment has expanded from the original soda ash and caustic soda industries to the entire chemical industry. The quantity of titanium tubes used in the chemical industry will exceed 1,500 tons per year, and vacuum salt-making enterprises have gradually begun to use titanium tube metal materials to manufacture equipment, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of the equipment.

Applications of seamless titanium pipes in refining. Corrosive substances such as sulphides and chlorides in petroleum processing products and cooling water. In the refining process, the condensation equipment of the atmospheric tower and vacuum tower of the refinery, especially for low-temperature light oil, has a strong corrosive nature, which has remained an unresolved issue for some time. In recent years, countries such as the United States and Japan have introduced seamless titanium control equipment for these highly corrosive environments, achieving good results.

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